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 Our goal is to bring you the best in VIRTUAL REALITY gaming for you, family and friends. vr gaming

About Us

Escobar Gaming Studio in Eagle Ridge Mall, has the latest in Virtual Reality Gaming like, Elven Assassin Vr. Its a Bow and Arrow shooter with multi player capability for up to 4 players and many more. Take some time off and come visit EGS and find out what Virtual Reality feels like.

Over 40 virtual reality games to choose from at Escobar Gaming Studio

So many have played video games from a young age and were always looking forward to the day of virtual reality gaming. So Escobar Gaming Studio came to life with more serious game play and feeling every moment not just looking at a screen or TV. All of EGS want to  feel good and excited about what they've just experienced. So were always looking for the latest games we know our customers would like. GREAT GAME PLAY with HIGH GRAPHICS, and our VIVE PRO headsets would deliver. I love watching our customer's playing and their reactions. 


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Super hot Vr is a great game for those who enjoy act gaming

EGS has 40 VR games available to choose from. Were always looking for the latest games we know our customers would like, GREAT GAME PLAY with HIGH GRAPHICS which our VIVE PRO headsets would deliver.

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Elven Assassin Vr Bow and Arrow shooter, play co-op or pvp mode.

Booking a session is easy. click on the time slot which fits your schedule. You will receive a message back from the EGS Team on confirming your session. Head over to Eagle Ridge Mall and to Escobar Gaming Studio and get your virtual reality gaming on. (#onlyfundaysahead) vr gaming